To close out HBCU homecoming style season, it required us to save the best for last. No matter the yard, when you plan to return to campus, you have to bring your A-game. Attendees at Howard University's 2022 Homecoming weekend must've aced their personal style courses because each and every person did not miss. When it comes to pulling together dope fits, Howard has it down.

As some of your favorite style icons and creatives are HU Bisons themselves, we decided to showcase their unique individuality this past weekend. Bordering the lines of preppy chic and sleek streetwear, participants were fully prepared to stunt, whether for the 'gram, an old bae or on their haters. Some found new ways to wear Howard sweaters and merch either by styling over-the-shoulder looks or adding a little touch of DIY realness. From varsity jackets to tri-color cargos to denim on denim, Howard University homecoming style too cool for school.

Photographer Nyki Elle stepped foot on HU's campus to check out who flexed the hardest during the university's homecoming weekend. See yourself in the exclusive visual gallery below. Get into the looks and let us know your favorite!