The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division released documentation clearing Lenard Larry Mckelvey a.k.a. Charlamagne Tha God of rape charges from an incident that took place in 2001. According to Bossip, Charlamagne’s DNA was not found on the victim. Other documents obtained by Bossip show Charlamagne was cooperative with the police when the allegations took place. Charlamagne Tha God has been in the eye of a media storm these past few days due to his past accuser resurfacing and describing the story and recently unearthed comments Charlamagne made about his use of Spanish Fly on his podcast Brilliant Idiots co-hosted by Andrew Schultz.

The media storm against Charlamagne started when his past accuser did an interview with Star from The Star Report detailing what happened during the alleged incident. She wants the case re-opened but authorities in South Carolina have no plans to re-open the case.  That interview went viral and soon other media outlets picked up on the story and started reporting on it. His old comments made on the Brilliant Idiots podcast about “raping” his wife were dug up adding more fuel to the fire. Petitions were created to pull Charlamagne from the airwaves and as the drumbeat got louder, Charlamagne continued to profess his innocence in the rape allegations and addressing the Spanish Fly incident by having his wife on air to talk about that specific encounter.

The Breakfast Club is arguably the most popular hip hop program throughout the United States. In addition to being syndicated across the country, the show is also broadcasted on Revolt TV and the interviews on its YouTube channel garner a signifcant amount of views online. Guests on the show range from artists, politicians, comedians, activists, and media personalities. The Breakfast Club is owned and broadcasted by I-Heart Media. The Brilliant Idots podcast is owned by the Loud Speakers Network.

Watch the videos of Charlamagne discussing recent controversies: