Ahead of its season two debut, The Carmichael Show, the brainchild of comedian Jerrod Carmichael, was hit with the question, “Could it move the Cosby Scandal controversy forward?”

The question has since been addressed and answered.


During the show’s season premiere, which aired at the height of the scandal, the writers tackled the issue head on. In an interview with EBONY, Carmichael stood by the decision and expressed the importance of curating real, honest dialogue.

“We can’t shy away from honest conversation. And we can’t shy away from unpopular conversations to have on television. I’m always beholden to the art over anything. It wouldn’t be right and it would be so false if we just shied away from it …and it’s this glaring topic that we’ve discussed with our families and our friends so I don’t think we had a choice. We had to. That’s how I felt. We had to talk about it.”

That mentality has stayed the course on the NBC series, which has an all-star cast line-up inclusive of Loretta Devine, David Alan Grier, Amber Stevens West, Tiffany Haddish and Lil Rel Howery as it follows the life of Carmichael.

Since the Cosby controversy, The Carmichael Show has touched on Black Lives Matter, racial tension and the inner conflict one may have when it comes to being a “foot soldier” hitting the streets to protest or show their fight for justice.

As the show preps for their season three return on May 31, fans and first time viewers can expect more dicey topics and content—like the unedited use of the n-word —and definitely loads of funny.

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