After graduating from college, many remember looking back and wondering what on earth they really took from the classes that they attended. So, as finals come to a close for college students around the world, EBONY was interested in knowing what one of the our college writers felt she was learning from her college education. And to our shock, her answer was not far off from our own: she really didn’t know.

Alleea Hill

May 18, 2012

Dear Diary,

As my bed quickly transformed from a peaceful escape after a hectic day to a platform decorated with marked and highlighted index cards and copies of lecture hand outs; I couldn’t help but notice the fact that my daily agendas were filled with nothing but dull, dry and depressing devoted moments towards studying for my finals.

I am a Journalism major and still, a week, two days and approximately five hours and thirty minutes after my Weather and Climate exam, I still don’t know why I had to sit in that course for an hour and twenty minutes, twice a week!

I am so sick of not being truly confident in the preparation I am getting for my life “after college”. In my opinion, living life or attending events seem more beneficial than some of the courses I am required to take…at least for Journalism. I had the opportunity to sit in the presence of the Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and my world seemed to change with every sentence she read from her selected writings. I was exposed to creativity, confidence and the strength that I always felt from writing and reading. Her words helped and inspired me.

I want more than the general requirements for graduation that college finds necessary, because quite frankly those courses teach me nothing about the competitive world that I am stepping into!