Comedy fans around the world were in total shock at the news of Charlie Murphy’s passing this past April. The 57-year-old comic still had plenty of life to live and material to share with the world, with fans of Charlie Murphy able to get a glimpse of just that on new BET series, The Comedy Get Down.

The scripted show about what really happens behind the scenes of a massive stand-up comedy tour stars five legendary comics, including Charlie Murphy, D.L. Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, George Lopez and Eddie Griffin.

The network describes the series as a satirical take on their actual lives.

“They’re hilarious, insane and unapologetic on stage, but the second they step off is when the real show begins. The storylines are based on actual events that have taken place not only on their wildly successful Comedy Get Down arena tour, but throughout the 25 plus years each has been a nationally headlining comedian.”

“A workplace comedy at its core, the 30 minute, single-camera series explores the personal and professional relationships of these five comic titans as they navigate the challenges of life on the road: seedy venues, racist road managers, pushy wives, angry baby mamas, obsessive fans, demanding celebrities, shady politicians and more.”

While seeing Charlie Murphy after his passing may be a bit unnerving for some, the series is a great way to celebrate his contributions to comedy, proving that he gave the craft his all until his last day.

The Comedy Get Down premieres October 12 at 11:30PM EST on BET.