However, the real issue isn't so much that the song is bad. (Although, again, the song is terrible.) Frankly, even if Lil' Kim had dropped a jam, I think people would still be side-eying her. The point is that Lil' Kim needs to give it a damn rest with the Nicki Minaj bashing. It's really starting to look pathetic when you continually attack the hottest player in the game you're not even currently playing.

The genesis of Lil' Kim's ire seems to be that she feels Nicki has jacked her style. Now, to be fair to Lil' Kim, Nicki Minaj has clearly been influenced by her. Nicki herself referred to Lil' Kim as a "major influence" on her career. And I'm sure it can be frustrating to see parts of your style successfully adopted by others, but that's kind of what happens when you're a trailblazer. It comes with the territory. What do you think would have happened if Michael Jackson had called out every artist who ever jacked his sound, style or dance moves? Or James Brown? Damn, Little Richard all but invented rock and roll but you don't see him talking shit about everybody, do you?