The Dream Defenders, an organization of Black and Brown youth working to bring about social change in their community by training young people in nonviolent civil disobedience and civic engagement, have launched an Indiegogo campaign in an effort to raise funds for their cause.

With a goal of $35,000, the BLOC BUILDER Fund will help the group both amplify their impact and aid in their efforts to have the voices of young people in Florida heard through the means of voting.

Here is an exact breakdown, per the org’s crowdfunding page, of how the money will be used:

Dream Defenders Congress: An upcoming statewide gathering of Dream Defenders to decide the arc of the organization’s movement for 2014 and beyond. Here, the membership will vote on issues and pass resolutions that direct future organizing work.

Organizer Trainings: Trainings to support organizers to continue building a broad and powerful social and political movement, transformational skills, political education, and group development.

Get Out The Vote In FL: TheGet Out The Vote” effort needs to be engaging, attractive and capture the attention of young people. Funds will be used for online and offline voter guides, apparel and materials, online ads and more.

The Dream Defenders have currently raised over $15,000 (and counting!).  There are six days left in the campaign. You can find their page here.