The family of Antwon Rose filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit against the East Pittsburgh police department, the police chief, and the mayor of the city. According to the news reports, the family holds them responsible for not properly training their officers. Rose was killed by an East Pittsburgh police officer during a traffic stop in June.

Various news outlets reported the officer thought the car Rose was in was connected to a recent drive-by shooting. In the aftermath of the shooting, there have been protests and the hashtag #JusticeforAntwon was created. Videos of Rose’s encounter with the East Pittsburgh police have also been released. His parents have spoken to the media and made it clear they will pursue justice in this case. According to PBS NewsHour, the officer in question was arrested and charged with murder since the shooting.

East Pittsburgh is about ten miles from Pittsburgh proper city hall. It has its own city government. According to the United States Census Bureau, East Pittsburgh has an approximate population of 1,775. Close to 60% of the population is black. Around 39% are white. The other demographics hovered around two percent. Rose grew up in the city.

The Mayor of East Pittsburgh, Louis J. Payne, dealt with a very emotional and tense session when he faced the public at a recent hearing. Some of the attendees were calling for a black police chief and bias training for the officers. ABC News stated in their report the police officer accused of shooting Rose will be arraigned on August 22nd.