Michael Jordan popped in a stick in before each game. Bey blew us a sexy bubble in the “Crazy in Love” video. And Chris Brown doubled his pleasure, and his money (well, almost) with his hit single “Forever.”

Let’s be honest: everyone likes to pop and chew gum. But as we come to a point in our society where saving our planet is the talk of the town, it is astonishing to learn that chewing gum is considered to be in the top two biggest littering problems in cities and all over the world. Did you know that chewed gum thrown on the ground lasts up to 50 years?!

So here it is, a little something special for all of you “going green” advocates who can’t get enough of the chewy goodness.  Finally, we can all can pop our gum and save the Earth at the same time.

REV7 gum has made its debut. The uniquely formulated gum discourages waste and encourages responsible disposal as it disintegrates into a fine powder when thrown away. The degradable gum comes in three natural flavors including peppermint, spearmint, and a refreshing cinnamon.

Get your hands on the environmentally friendly gum at your local 7-11 and other retailers.