Taking control of your sexuality and the power to pleasure yourself is empowering and can provide a long list of benefits to your overall health and sexual well-being. In fact, masturbating regularly with the help of sex toys is about so much more than fulfilling a carnal desire or scratching an itch. Orgasms are cited to have numerous positive health effects, including decreased stress, improved circulation, better sleep, and even pain relief. Not to mention the world of good it does for your mood and self-esteem!

The mystical female orgasm (often described as “mysterious”, “difficult”, or even “non-existent”) isn’t prioritized enough, as evidenced in "The Pleasure Gap" study. The research, which examines the lack of orgasm equality among cis heterosexual couples, lists that 95% of men reported that they reached orgasm during their latest sexual encounter while only 65% of women could say the same. There are a number of barriers to blame for this, including gender roles, lack of communication in the bedroom, and the difference in anatomy, among others. However, practicing on your own, especially with a little help from our silicone friends, can serve as a tool to help you discover your body, what feels good to you, and increase your chances for a satisfying experience. 

BIPOC-led, sexual wellness brand Bloomi explains the confidence-boosting effects as well, “Masturbation can provide a sense of independence, especially when single, by not relying on a partner for sexual satisfaction. Additionally, it adds continued self-pleasure to supplement your sex life while in a relationship. Most of all, it allows you to acquaint yourself with your own body.” And you know what they say—if you want something done right, you’re going to have to do it yourself. 

Shop these innovative intimate products and toys for solo play or fun with a partner, designed to be discreet, efficient, and most importantly get the job done.

Image: courtesy of WeVibe.

We-Vibe Melt Vibrator $145, we-vibe.com

Meant for couples and developed to encourage and allow couples to fully experience the intense orgasms of Pleasure Air Technology. The slim shape lets the toy slip between partners during sex, increasing intimacy and precision with clitoral stimulation. With its free We-Connect app you can play and share control of Melt from anywhere. 

Image: courtesy of The Artist.

The Artist Dual Vibrator $129, smilemakerscollection.com

Smile Makers works hard to innovate products that fit our vulvas in a way that is specifically designed for pleasure, and The Artist is a great example. With 2 different motors and an adjustable shape, you can move, bend and change how you like your vibrator to work — the power is literally in your hands. With the option for simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation, its two-pronged mold (also known as the “Rabbit”) practically ensures peak bliss. Double the pleasure, double the fun.

Image: courtesy of Bedroom Kandi.

Bedroom Kandi Crown Jewel Massager $99, bedroomkandi.com

This insertable remote-controlled egg massager features intense BodyQuake motor technology for powerful, deep vibrations, and body-safe silicone engineered with ComforTech for a supple, cushioned feel. It's perfect for discreet couples' play, with a wireless remote control you can hand off to a lover, or hold on to for your own use. 

Image: courtesy of Bloomi.

Bloomi Massage Clitoral and Body Vibrator $35, thebloomi.com

Bloomi describes themselves as “a BIPOC and sexologist-led wellness destination” so you already know they make well-researched quality products that address our needs. Beyond the brand’s emphasis on health and well-being, their wide range of toys are pretty affordable. At $35, you can’t go wrong with this no-frills clitoral vibrator, and it’s small enough to pack it on any of your future solo adventures. 

Image: courtesy of Le Wand.

Le Wand Feel My Power 2022 Special Edition Vibrator $225, lewandmassager.com

Remember those Hitachi Magic Wands from the early 2000s? Cordless and rechargeable, Le Wand Massagers are a modern version of those vibrators. Le Wand believes pleasure is your birthright, a divine power you’re born with and forever entitled to—and this wand is a conduit to accessing that power. The colorful, limited-edition design was created by Kelly Malka, an illustrator who showcases her artwork with the aim of making a tangible impact on mental health, gender equality, and socio-political issues. Trust and believe, one session with this wand is worth the steep price, you are definitely going to feel your power.

Image: courtesy of Love Honey.

Lovehoney Rose Toy Clitoral Suction Stimulator $50, lovehoney.com

Don’t let the size fool you—this compact toy packs a lot of power. This petal-shaped clitoral vibrator is so good, it’s been replicated by several brands and has gone viral all over TikTok. Penetrative sex isn’t for everyone, so this is perfect for anyone who isn’t fond of phallic toys. As the name says, this toy’s sole focus is to stimulate your clitoris by mimicking the motions of oral sex. Need I say more? Enjoy.