In the age of endless options, gone are the days of pouring over cosmetics counters and dodging spritzer girls in the mall and drugstore. Now, some of the most effective (and natural) solutions to your body, hair and skincare needs are a click and YouTube tutorial away. Not to take anything away from the big name companies, but health conscious living has now gone beyond trendy superfoods and green smoothies—and you can support young Black entrepreneurs while you’re at it! We’ve rounded up a few great home-based grooming product lines that deserve your support.

First on the list is Whipped Goods by Lauren Wiley. Focusing on the healing and calming effects of naturally found herbs and essential oils, Wiley got her start on an urban farm in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mixing these ingredients with handmade body butters, she began testing her all-natural products on friends.

“We wanted to provide truly natural products with recognizable ingredients and minimalistic formulas,” says Wiley. “What came from that has been a wildly successful movement of Whipped devotees, happy to embrace natural products without the fluff.”

Among the Whipped offerings are the Green Tea & Rose Toner, Whipped All-Natural Deodorant, and a Magic Bath Tea with ingredients like peppermint, lavender, chamomile and eucalyptus. We asked Wiley which of the products she couldn’t live without and while she had a hard time choosing, one of her favorites is the Cupcake Bikini Butter. This one is good for handling ingrown hairs, smells like cupcakes, and paired with the Honey + Vanilla Body Powder makes for a sweet and irresistible scent combination you can’t find.

Ixora Botanical Beauty from chemical engineer Mercedes Edney offers a scientific approach to your natural skincare regimen. After having been passionate about skincare products and research, Edney launched Ixora in January of 2012 and has been lauded by a number of tastemakers.

Edney’s go-to product is the aptly named Ash Today, Gone Tomorrow Butter: “My first product I ever made [and] one of my most popular.” The decadent moisturizer consists of nilotic shea butter and cupuacu butter for particularly dry skin and those suffering from eczema.

St. Louis-native Tasha Burton’s Belle Butters  has been championed by natualistas such as Afrobella, Myleik of curlBOX and Fran of HeyFranHey. Burton recently collaborated with stylist Charles Wade for a new product, Beau Balm by Belle Butters.

“Beau Balm is an easy and effective solution for men who like quality grooming aides but don’t want to complicate their day.” Wade added, “I travel a lot and the Beau Balm has simplified my regimen without sacrificing my skin.”

Beau Balm is tailored for guys, but its multi-functionality and ingredients like cherry kernel oil make it something the ladies can dip into as well.

A newcomer to the game is Love Shea, created by Abe Tomo, Jr. Love Shea started out as a passion project inspired by Tomo’s natural hair journey, after he underwent his “big chop” almost two years ago. Through his Youtube-chronicled hair journey, Tomo decided to make a product that he could use for himself.

Not only is his Shea Butter Cream a blessing for natural hair, it also doubles as a moisturizer for dry rough areas like knees and elbows.

So whether you’re a devoted ‘naturalist,’ or simply making more conscious decisions about what you’re putting on your body, give these ladies and gentlemen a try!