The Lip Bar and Slutty Vegan's newest collaboration reminds us that we all deserve to be a little naughty at times. The vegan makeup brand has teamed up with vegan fast food franchise to bring a "Nasty Girl" collection that will inspire women everywhere to tap into their inner sexuality with two new lush matte lipstick shades—Touch Me and Tease Me—in vivid fuchsia and red. According to the brands, "nasty" is an acronym for "Nurture your needs, Ask for what you want, Selfishness rules, Touch and tease your body and Your pleasure matters."

The two brands are both known for their unique and fresh marketing techniques.

The Lip Bar( commonly referred to as as TLB) made waves in 2015 after making its debut on Shark Tank. Shark Kevin "Mr. Wonderful" O'Leary called founder and CEO Melissa Butler and her colleague "colorful cockroaches" on national television. He also commented that they were wearing "clown makeup." TLB recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary and have scaled up rapidly since that time. To cement the occasion, TLB had a billboard in their home base of Detroit that read, ""Shark Tank told me to quit. 10 years and 2 million units sold. Thanks, Mr. Wonderful."

Serial entrepreneur Pinky Cole built the Atlanta-based Slutty Vegan franchise off of the simple notion that sex and sex appeal sells. The franchise incorporates risqué slogans to promote its vegan and plant-based offerings from fries with "slut dust" and "Ménage á Trois" burgers. The founding of Slutty Vegan is also rooted in Cole's dream to bring sustainable and healthier food options to the Black community.

Check out the TLB x Slutty Vegan Nasty Girl Collection below:

TLB X Slutty Vegan Nasty Girl Collection, $34, Image: courtesy of The Lip Bar.