The Lip Bar is celebrating Black History Month with a campaign centered around remarkable African-American women who fought for change and shaped U.S. history titled "Telling HerStory."

The campaign features models wearing shades from their lip line and portraying abolitionist Harriet Tubman, civil rights activist Rosa Parks and political activist/educator Angela Davis.

"It's imperative to tell the stories of the women who came before us so that we can see just how strong we are, just how resilient they were and be constantly reminded that no matter the adversity, we can and will overcome," CEO and founder Melissa Butler told "Still, today we are fighting for inclusion, and each time we lean into the stories of our past, we lean into a legacy and a power that is unyielding."

Butler, who stars as Davis in the campaign, explained why the company picked the iconic trio of women and what she hopes her consumers get from the campaign.

"When we chose to honor Rosa Parks, Angela Davis and Harriet Tubman through our black history month campaign, it wasn't only to celebrate them, it was also to remind our customers that they can be 'Independent Rebels while also being Class Acts.' And while I truly believe Black women do this naturally, its always good to be reminded of your greatness."

Click through the gallery below to see campaign posters and the Lip Bar shades linked to each Black female icon.

Through her current work, Ms. Independent thinker and heroine Davis continues to fight for the full liberation of society against racism.

Fearless and determined, nothing—not even death itself—could deter Rebel pioneer Tubman on her journey to achieve freedom for herself and hundreds more.

Recognized for her admirability and steadfastness in the presence of adversity, Parks will forever embody what it means to be a true Class Act