From rocking gold-cap fronts, a high-top fade and now his own Ewing kicks, the self-proclaimed “Young OG” is single-handedly bringing 1990s Hip-Hop fashion back.  The rapper, who released a music video for his hit single “You Made Me” this afternoon, recently chatted with Ebony about his sneaker collection and defining his personal style.
Check it out below:
EBONY: Why are the Ewings so special to you?
FAB: For one, they were created in honor of the legendary Knicks player Patrick Aloysius Ewing.  Now I have the ability to customize them and to collaborate on [the sneakers], which just brings more awareness to the design and of course the player behind the shoes.
EBONY: What was your first memory of the Ewing sneakers?
FAB:  We’ll my brother actually got a pair before I did. I was the one getting the Nikes and my brother got the Ewings. But all the kids and older guys in my ‘hood were sweating the Ewings because they were the new “it” shoes to have. I was pissed I didn’t get them after I saw my brother getting all the love for having the Ewings.
EBONY: What was the creative process behind the design?
FAB: Packers Shoes put the design together; we came in after and provided our input on what we liked and so forth. Then things started to fall into place.
EBONY:  Please explain what “Young OG” Style is?
FAB: The true definition of a ‘Young OG’ is someone who is willing to go back in time with fashion and style; but is also is aware of whats going on in the present.
EBONY: What’s your favorite sneaker of all time?
FAB: Besides the Ewings, I’d have to say the Air Jordan’s. Preferably the Jordan 6, Jordan 3, and Jordan 11s , which are all classics.
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– Ericka N. Goodman, Fashion Editor, @Ericka_Editor