Dating is all fun until people fire their respective representatives and allow who they really are to show up. It’s common knowledge that we all want to impress our potential love interests when we’re just getting to know each other but eventually, if we get to know someone well, we reveal more layers to our personalities—some good, some not so much.

However, it gets even worse when you get married or at least, cohabitate. At first, you may notice frustrating traits in your significant other that you choose to live with because you love them. But then they reveal more quirks that could mean an early grave—either from you killing your significant other or yourself—because they might be that annoying.

Mr. Rocque and I are guilty as charged. In the almost nine months that we’ve been married, we have both revealed annoying habits and quirks that have tested our patience and possibly raised blood pressure levels.

I like to pop pimples, nodules, cysts and the like. It’s incredibly gross, I know, but there is a whole community of people like me out there. I don’t know the term for people who get off on squeezing zits but we get a rush from doing it. I started doing it at a young age but it wasn’t something just anyone saw. Only those closest to me like, best friends and relatives were privy to the habit and often became my victims. Sometimes I got met with resistance but usually my victims would get over it and let me have my way with them. However, Mr. Rocque likes to fight with me about it and it drives me crazy. I don’t know if my obsession is a form of OCD but I literally have to breathe and restrain myself from throwing tantrums when he won’t let me get at a random growth. Sometimes he’s inconsistent and will give up the good fight but then other times he’ll rage and spaz out on me, which makes me sulk and not talk to him and of course, it creates tension that we have to work through. So yeah…that’s my TMI revelation. I didn’t unleash that beast until later in our cohabitation months.

Mr. Rocque, though, waited until we were married to hit me with his habit of beatboxing. It sounds harmless enough but he’s pretty bad at it. Like, really bad at it and sometimes he likes to add a, “Aungh!” (think Rick Ross). The most annoying thing I can compare it to is when Peter Griffin bursts into his “Bird is the Word” dance—but again, the beatbox version. I knew that Mr. Rocque had his “I want to be a rapper phase,” back in high school and college but his rhymes were actually decent but the spontaneous beatboxing every five minutes is not ok.

There are a couple of other habits that we are guilty of torturing each other with but for the sake of keeping some things to ourselves, I will digress. We’re working on annoying each other less with these quirks but in the meantime, my message to those whom this applies is to make sure you ask your significant other what annoying habits they’re hiding from you so that you can at least be kind of prepared.

Did you wait until you were married or living together to unleash annoying habits? What’s the most annoying habit that your lover is guilty of?

Mr. and Mrs. Rocque are the couple formerly known as Anslem Samuel and Starrene Rhett, New York-based journalists who found love in between bylines. Follow the newlyweds’ musings of a marriage in progress here, on Twitter and via their joint blog.