How more appropriate could the last name Loving be, for the courageous couple that fought the courts in the name of love? Premiering on HBO tonight, in honor of Valentine's Day, the documentary "The Loving Story" portrays the lives of Mildred and Richard Loving, an interracial couple whose marriage rocked the world and left a lasting impression for generations to come. For years, the Lovings challenged the anti-miscegenation laws in their homestate of Virginia; a trying court battle that ultimately led to the landmark Supreme Court case — Loving v. Virginia — that would repeal state laws targeting interracial marriages.

The detailed documentary directed by Nancy Buirski not only follows the case very closely with insightful footage and impeccable research, but has received much critical acclaim for its gentle look into the consistent affection and love that the Lovings showed towards one another during a time when their was love was, well, illegal. Buirski also does an excellent job of interweaving the Lovings' history with current challenges facing interracial love in the United States today.

If you had planned on enjoying a simple dinner and a movie night this Valentine's Day, tune in to HBO at 9PM EST for a film that fulfills both Black History Month and V-day all in one lovely sitting. Have the Lovings'  transformative marriage been given enough exposure in years past? Or do the obstacles of interracial marriage not qualify as Black History per se?