Destiny Jones, daughter of hip-hop mogul, Nas, has a full range of lovely lip picks, LipMatic, that look amazing on everyone.
We all can get a little faltering when it comes to picking the best products, but if you are looking for a great gloss to add to your arsenal, look no further.

LipMatic is an amazine line of au naturale swatches that read true to color and really pack a pretty punch on every skin tone. “Since I came up with the concept for LipMatic, I dove into researching the best ingredients. I’m super picky about my lip gloss,” says Destiny. “When I found a formula that looked and felt great, and was 98% organic—that just brought what started as an idea to life.”

EBONY: What was the inspiration behind LipMatic?

Destiny Jones: What really inspired me was simply my obsession for lip gloss. I started wearing it when I was only three years old. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, so it felt natural to start with a product I’ve done my research on and always have been passionate about.

EBONY: Has this always been a business venture you’ve sought out to do?

DJ: I’ve wanted to put out my own lip gloss line since I was 17, but I didn’t really start taking it seriously until last year (2013).

EBONY: How did you come up with the colors and names for each gloss?

DJ: Each lip gloss color title in this special debut collection is inspired by my father’s Illmatic song titles. Cotton Candy Lane is inspired by “Memory Lane,” “Life’s a Peach” by “Life’s a Bitch,” “P.L.U.M. State of Mind” by “N.Y. State of Mind” and “Cherry Love” by “One Love.”

EBONY: How did you figure out the best time to launch your line?

DJ: Being that 2014 marked the 20th anniversary of my father’s debut album Illmatic, I felt it was the perfect time to launch LipMatic. He has been a huge inspiration to me, and it’s crazy to think that he was 20 when he released that album. Now here I am at the age of 20, starting to really work on my dreams.

EBONY: Have you always been into makeup?

DJ: I have been into make up since I was a little girl. I remember as a kid, whenever my mom went out and left me with the babysitter the first thing I would do is raid her make up box. I was only 8 and would put on a full face of makeup. Of course I thought I looked all that, when it was really a hot mess. By the time I was in middle school I did my makeup every morning. My dad had a problem with it but make up was how I always expressed myself.

EBONY: What kind of woman do you imagine wearing LipMatic (flirty, confident, fun, etc.)?

DJ: LipMatic is for every girl and every look, from sporty to glamorous. It’s for businesswomen as well as girls that just want to go out and have fun. I started with four shades I knew would work for various occasions and moods. I think of it as an all-purpose gloss collection, and the fact that it’s 98% organic means you can feel good about applying and reapplying throughout the day.

EBONY: Will the line be limited edition or should we expect more to come in the future?

DJ: I am definitely planning on expanding our product line in the future. The best has yet to come.