In this exclusive interview with EBONY, former teen heartthrobs B2K share words of wisdom they would've loved to impart on their younger selves.

For Raz, it’s all about slowing down a bit while Omarion would simply tell his younger self to keep it pushin’ towards his dreams. Fizz admits that his naturally laid-back personality may have stifled his vision, saying, “I’m just a quiet person, so I just feel like, maybe, at a younger age, I should’ve just spoke up more.”

J-Boog took the time to not only speak to his younger self, but to at risk kids everywhere, sharing, “I just want them to feel like they’re never too young to get focused. Sometimes people say, ‘I’ll get focused later. I got time.’ You can take over whatever you’re really into at whatever age…it’s girls that are eight years old with full books out. It’s 12-year-old’s running online companies. When you wake up  in the morning, have reason for what it is that you’re doing.”

Check out the full clip above.