By Tyrus Townsend

Burgeoning L.A.-based designer Jessica Lynn creates garments for the lively, independent woman while incorporating the laidback vibe of the West Coast with the strong-willed edginess of the East. A cult favorite amongst the young Hollywood set, the African-American & Guatemalan beauty allowed EBONY to tag along as she prepped for her very first #NYFW show. During our time together, we learned Lynn’s beauty secrets, celebrities she wished to style and her must-haves to survive the mean catwalks of the concrete jungle!

The Designer: Jessica Lynn

The Line: CASA de MODA

The Notable Clients: Angela Simmons, Laura Govan, McKenzie Renae,  Charmaine Daudu, Hannah Bronfman

The Dream Clients: Beyoncé, Jessica Alba, Zoe Saldana

The CDM Woman: A young, vibrant woman who is fiercely independent, hard working, non-traditional, trailblazing, fearless and never afraid to let her hair down.

The Influences: Counting only bloggers and street style as influences, Jessica admits to not looking at celebrities. “I barely pull from a celebrity look. Recently, I took a trip to London, Paris and Italy and noticed that at this moment in fashion, there are no rules. Even when watching the way high school girls dress, there is a certain freedom and bravery that I never had the opportunity to experience,” she says.

The Personal Style: “Right now, I am embracing a more muted palette. I prefer classic silhouettes with an unexpected edge–the goal is not to try too hard,” she explains.

The Design Aesthetic: It’s a balance between L.A. and N.Y. with a sense of sophistication. The strength and edginess is reflected in the brand, and this particular collection is all about color, fabric and a spirit of effortlessness found in both cities. 

The Day of the Show: She remembers, “After I woke up, I went to the roof [of my apartment] and prayed. It helped center me. Then I purchased a bagel and headed over to the venue. Taking a cab across the Brooklyn Bridge was poetic and sweet; it was one of the most beautiful moments ever.

Upon arrival, I saw that garments were being steamed and I immediately started putting together each look with the appropriate accessories. Once the task was complete, I took a moment to sit in on Jason Boateng’s show while the models were in hair and make-up, and it reminded me that I love being a fashion designer.

Afterwards, I got dressed in my Electric Show Jumper in Cobalt Blue, and that’s when the butterflies started to flutter in my stomach, I was extremely nervous, because it was pouring rain. After the models left backstage to get in their places, I was able to see how hard work translates from paper to fabulous, well-constructed garments.

Normally, I am shy but thank God for my publicist, Janelle Langford, who got me to mixing and mingling with guests and editors. The responses were overwhelming, and I began to take it all in. It still seems so surreal that I am showing at NYFW. I will always remember this amazing opportunity.”

The NYFW Must-Haves:

1. Playlist: Her favs include 2 Pac’s “Live and Die in L.A.,” Odesza’s “All We Need” and Singularity’s “Vain.”

2. Beauty Products: Very simple glam including Bobbi Brown Bronzer, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, Deva Chen shampoo, Gucci Bright Crystal perfume and good ol’ Vaseline.

3. TIME!

4. Coffee: Plain. Nothing fancy!

5. Moisturizer

6. Water

7. Rohto eye drops

8. Tech: iPhone, video, apps

9. Spare pair of shoes

10. Extra bobby pins

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