O’Jays members Eddie Levert and Walter Williams recently sat down with EBONY to speak about topics including being Ohio natives and whether a biopic about their legendary career is in the works. 

Although Levert and Williams hail from Canton, Ohio, they’re known for being at the forefront of Philadelphia Soul because much of their recording was done in and their songwriters were from the City of Brotherly Love, facts that, the singers said, never confused their fans. 

“The people in Canton and the people in Ohio know where the talent comes from. They know where the writers and the music come from, so they put it together,” Williams said. 

The two insist they are not an anomaly because the Midwestern state produced other successful musical acts, including the Isley Brothers, Nancy Wilson and the Ohio Players. 

“[The list] goes on, and I think it’s something in the water,” Levert added. 

After releasing their 31st and final albumThe Last Word, in April, the Rock & Roll Hall of Famers aren’t sure what’s next in their lives. They did, however, shut down the idea of being involved telling the O’Jays story via a biopic because there’s not enough drama to share. 

“I’ve been told we’ve been too squeaky clean; they want the dirt,” Williams said before Levert added, “Yeah, we haven’t been dirty enough.” 

The longtime friends laughed about their ability to keep their problems out of the public eye. 

“Look, we don't talk about it,” lead vocalist Levert said about their “dirt” before they both broke into laughter. 

“It ain’t that there wasn’t none,” Williams jokingly added. “I have always been told, ‘Don’t tell on yourself, dummy.’” 

The pair, both original O’Jays members, said they’ll leave the story of their career where it is because otherwise, people will add fabrication for the missing pieces. 

The seminal group’s final album, The Last Word, is currently available on all streaming platforms

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