The ladies of the daytime talk show The Real won their first Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Hosts. The show is currently hosted by comedian Loni Love, actress Tamera Howry, singer Adrienne Bailon and TV personality Jeannie Mai.

After losing in the category, the hosts of The View discussed other shows modeled after them with women discussing current events which would include The Real and The Talk. Actress Whoopi Goldberg ignited the conversation saying “One of the interesting things we’re talking about really is how people perceive shows like ours but there isn’t another show like ours, is there?”

In response to the question co-host comedian Joy Behar said, “Well, they copy us. There’s a couple out there that copied us because we started that. They don’t do a child having a tantrum and politics. That’s what we do.” The ladies continued to try to separate the caliber of their show from others.

Love got wind of the demeaning comments aimed at her and her co-hosts amid their Emmy win and addressed Goldberg and The View. “Still love The View and all the other shows that empower women.. that is why when we accepted The Emmy I made sure to thank the nominated shows,” she wrote on Instagram. “Whoopi even sent a basket congratulating The Real.”

When it came to comparing shows, the comedian checked the elitist comment by providing the differences between the two shows. “The Real has fourth of the budget that The View has but we continue to highlight women with the hotline bling calls and give exposure to things that effect [sic] women of color,” she wrote. “They can keep talking to politicians, but we talk to the people!!!”

You can read Love’s full response below: