Ready to take your home barbecue to the next level? It all starts with adding the right flavors and spices. No one knows this better than famed barbecue pitmaster and Best Chef: Southeast by the James Beard Foundation, Chef Rodney Scott, who is renowned for his flawlessly seasoned and grilled-to-perfection meals. In collaboration with The Spice House, a trusted purveyor of the finest spices, herbs, blends, and extracts, Scott released an exclusive collection of rubs and spices to bring his signature style to your next home barbecue.

These new blends developed with Chef Scott introduce exciting new tastes for both avid barbecue fans and first-time grillers alike. These blends perfectly represent the synergy of these two culinary experts, working together to create new flavor combinations of unique and unexpected flavors.

For Scott, who started out cooking whole-hog barbecue over wood coals at just 11 years old, the collection represents the distinct flavors he has cooked with for decades. Speaking on the partnership he says, "Barbecue is all about bringing people together, having fun, and making memories through food. These new signature rubs are Pitmaster-approved blends of some of my favorite herbs and spices that go great on everything from poultry to veggies."

For your next grilling session, lean on these handcrafted spice blends for the perfect balance of flavors, so you can focus on serving up some flame-tickled deliciousness. Learn some quick seasoning tips and shop the four different rubs, below. 

Image: courtesy of The Spice House

The Spice House x Rodney Scott Smoky Sweet Chile Hickory rub $12 for 2.8 oz,

The line’s most classic BBQ application, it comes with a subtle smoke flavor and a brown sugar paprika base. A must have for any gas griller, the blend pairs perfectly with any beef or pork product. Worcestershire will add umami and a depth of flavor.

Image: courtesy of The Spice House

The Spice House x Rodney Scott Green Chile Lime Citrus rub $12 for 2.4 oz,

Expect a big citrus bite and a hint of Chile. This mellow blend is not too strong, perfectly suited for families or anyone grilling chicken or seafood. Expect a little garlic flavor paired with lime, green mango, ancho powder, and green Sichuan.

Image: courtesy of The Spice House

The Spice House x Rodney Scott Carolina Fire Chile rub $12 for 2.8 oz,

An Umami style blend with a bit of heat. The perfect pairing for chicken wings, this blend of tomato powder, mushroom powder, Worcestershire, and Carolina Reaper adds a slow savory heat to any grill.

Image: courtesy of The Spice House

The Spice House x Rodney Scott Garlic Butter Pepper Herb rub $12 for 2.7 oz,

Savory and juicy, ideal to enhance chicken along with any fish or grilled vegetable.Topped off with garlic, herbs, and some mustard for the perfect summer seasoning.