The 1980s and 1990s have been documented as an era riddled with strenuous challenges, especially for those who are part of marginalized groups. For trans women in particular, they have always had to be tremendously resilient. Even today, in the midst of attempts to silence and minimize their existences, they continue to raise their voices and tell their stories.

As a result of deep discrimination, bigotry, sexism and transphobia, many trans women turned to sex work as a means to make money to survive.

After moving to NYC and transitioning in the 90's, Kristen Lovell was exposed to the common experience that many trans women were a part of during this era by selling themselves in the Meatpacking District of New York City— an area which was nicknamed at that time as "The Stroll." Spanning reflections and footage from the 1970s to now, Lovell and Zachary Drucker directed a riveting collage of accounts of violence, erasure, political harassment and ultimately the strength of trans women who worked and walked in that district. In this documentary—which is set to premiere on HBO/Max on June 21, 2023, not only is the past unearthed but a depiction of the sisterhood that trans women have built and rely on is cherished and revealed.

Check out the trailer for the pivotal documentary below.