As the world continues to count down the days until the official anniversary of Hip Hop's 50th birthday—August 11, 2023—the Universal Hip Hop Museum is bringing in the momentous occasion in style.

Hip Hop’s 50th Birthday Jam is slated to be a blowout extravaganza that honors where the genre has come from and where it is going as a collective movement and cultural pillar. Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson will tee off the Birthday Jam with a VIP Inaugural Exhibition and toast, which will be located at 575 Exterior, Bronx, NY.

Taking place at Mill Pond Park in the Bronx, the block party will feature a Rapamania showcase produced by Van Silk and sponsored by AARP. Original Spinderella and UHHM curator Pete Nice, Coke LaRock and Sheri Sher will host the Rapamania as well. Chill Rob G, Sweet Tee, Peter Gunz, Chuck D and Freedom Williams will perform with dancers from Red Bull’s BC One Open Cypher. Attendees can witness live graffiti murals done by Tats Cru, Lady Pink, Will Power and Queen Andrea. These celebratory pieces will be done courtesy of Thrive Collective with sponsoring by Council Member Diana Ayala. 

The Universal Hip Hop Museum is set to open in 2024 in the Bronx Point area, the birthplace of Hip Hop.

Image: Courtesy of the Universal Hip Hop Museum.