Bronzer is my absolute favorite product for summer. It adds that perfect touch of glamour to a beautiful tan. We know some of you steer clear of any and all shimmer for fear of looking greasy, but mind these tips for a fabulous application. We’ve also listed the very best in bronzers, so get to shopping!

Placement is key: Bronzer reflects light and adds a subtle brilliance to the face that makes your features pop. It can be applied to the cheekbones to highlight eyes, to the outline of the chin, and in the corners of the eyes. Your décolletage is another prime spot. 

Use a big fluffy blush brush: A concentrated strip of bronzer look should be your worst nightmare. Do away with your little brushes when it comes to applying, and use a big brush that can evenly distribute your glow.  

Tap, tap, tap: Tap off any residual sparkles before applying to avoid rocking an ill-placed splotch of sparkle. 

Learn how to layer: Layering your bronzer and blush makes for a more natural look.  Apply your bronzer first, followed by your blush. The color from your blush will adhere better and look more natural as a second application.

—Kimberly Walker