If you are anything like us, you were very excited when Tabitha Brown initially announced her vegan food line in Target stores earlier this year. As consumers, we were finally able to get a taste of the "like so, like that" flavor at-home, versus only watching her social media videos. While items sold out in days—with most stores only offering limited stock—fans pressed the vegan star and big box retailer to carry them year-round.

Well, it looks like our prayers have been answered. During a recent panel appearance, Brown took the stage to drop several updates to eager fans. The first, her popular haircare line, Donna's Recipe, would soon be on shelves at Target. And, she also let the crowd know that her vegan collection was also coming back to Target—starting early 2024 and throughout the entire year.

"First of all, I'm so grateful for y'all; thank you for supporting me at Target," Tabitha Brown shared on stage. "Y'all sold that food out so fast! But next year, it's going to be in there all-year long. Not only that, yes, you'll be able to get all the things from the first line, and we're adding some new items, too."

As the crowd cheered, the "Tab Time" host then gifted the audience with bags of her viral vegan popcorn—which came in three flavors: dill pickle, sweet and salty, and roasted garlic & Parmesan.

In addition to popcorn, the line also featured BBQ and seasoned plant-based hamburger patties, an assortment of nuts and granola, vegan sausages, spreads and dips.

"Next year, we're going to see what the Lord does. Thank y'all again so much, and I love y'all."