Although a zombie apocalypse may not exactly be a walk in the park, it would still be nice to see a bit more diversity on the AMC's "The Walking Dead." In addition to T-Dog and the father-son duo introduced in the pilot episode, a fourth Black character will be joining the series next season. Actress Danai Gurira has been cast as Michonne, a formidable sword-wielding, zombie domesticating, overall badass. Gurira will be the first Black female with a speaking role on the comic book-based series. In case you were wondering, Michonne was the mysterious person who saved Andrea from becoming zombie chow in the recent season finale.

Gurira's previous roles in creepy projects like "The Visitor" and "Ghost Town" definitely demonstrate her talent, which will be a very refreshing addition to the third installment of the series. While we will have to wait a few months to see Michonne in action, those unable to wait until then can pick up the comics and learn more about Gurira's character in the meantime.

Will Gurira's character manage to add more dimension to the popular series? What other Black actors and actresses would fit in well with the gory show?