A quick look at the political week that was….

  • So long Newton Leroy Gingrich! Mr. Gingrich who appears to be the last person on the planet who believed he was still running for president has called it quits.  It’s a shame, I had so enjoyed Newt’s antics and his rants about President Obama being the “food stamp president” (not really). But seriously? Gingrich certainly made the “Anybody but Romney” race for the Republican nomination entertaining.
  • President Obama slow jammed the news with The Roots! Most rational people thought it was awesome, except Karl Rove and the right wing who actually attacked the president for being too cool.   Has anyone ever won a presidential election by arguing that their opponent was too likeable?
  • The president’s competition Mitt Romney, also known as “the boring one”, kept his momentum going winning 5 primary states which don’t really matter at this point because he’s going to be the nominee.  Oh, and one of Romney’s foreign policy advisors criticized President Obama’s policy towards Czechoslovakia which hasn’t been a country for 20 years. Smart!
  • The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the challenge to Arizona’s SB1070 “Papers Please” immigration law.  Unfortunately, it sounds like the justices, even including Justice Sonya Sotomayor, are not so sympathetic to the cause of the undocumented referring to them throughout the oral arguments as “illegal aliens.”