A look at the political week that was…

  • Obama for America calls out Mitt Romney’s tax plan for what it really is: A tax increase on the middle class in order to lower rates for millionaires. Watch it.
  • Another day, another Romney adviser, another gaffe: Eric Fehrnstom says questions about Romney’s taxes are just like McCarthyism. And he wasn’t kidding.
  • Republican Rep. Steve King’s controversial bill on English being the only official language in the U.S. had hearings in the House this week with Rep. John Conyers giving his opening statement in Spanish.
  • Ann Romney’s dancing horse competed in the London Olympics.  Seriously.
  • Conservative politicians are really feelin’ themselves over the dust up over Chick-Fil-A with this week’s “appreciation day.”
  • House rejects middle class-only tax cuts passed by the Senate last week.
  • The women’s health provisions in Obamacare kicked in this week and of course because women now have affordable access to birth control Republicans compared the new provisions to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 Ridiculous.