A quick look at the political week that was…

  • This week the Obama administration marked the one-year anniversary of the successful mission to kill Osama Bin Laden.  President Obama made a surprise trip to Afghanistan, did an extensive interview with NBC’s Brian Williams, and called the mission the “most important single day” of his presidency.  In response to this anniversary, Republicans attempted to downplay the significance of the president’s achievement but in the end Republican challenger Mitt Romney had to give credit where credit is due.
  • While President Obama was laying out his plan to end the war in Afghanistan, Mitt Romney’s campaign was locking down the anti-gay vote by getting rid of openly gay foreign policy advisor, Richard Grenell and getting that key Rep. Michele Bachmann endorsement.
  • President Obama’s ex-girlfriends released private letters and journal entries chronicling their time with a young Barack Obama and it turns out he was thoughtful and complex even then.
  • This week the Obama campaign got a new slogan (“Forward”) and launched an animated website breaking down in very simple terms the differences between President Obama’s policies and what they would be under a President Romney.  Turns out the fictional “Julia” character’s life is a lot better off at every age under Obama which of course means conservatives are on the attack.
  • The latest polling in Virginia shows that President Obama is up by 9 points against Mitt Romney in the very important battleground state that went to the president in 2008.  State polling from Florida and Ohio are as tight as can be but it’s really too early to make any predictions.