While mainstream media may not always admit it, Ethiopia can easily be credited as the birthplace of premium coffee beans. The East African nation has a longstanding history filled with traditional rituals that center the caffeinated magic. In hopes of bringing more visibility to the beauty and depth of Ethiopian coffee, singer The Weeknd (née Abel Tesfaye) recently partnered with Blue Bottle Coffee for a limited release brand and product line, Samra Origins, which will debut May 9, 2023.

Named after The Weeknd's mother, Samra Tesfaye, the line will feature Exceedingly Rare Ethiopia Wolde Faye Koricha COE #7 which is recognized by the Ethiopia Cup of Excellence (COE)—the most prestigious competition and auction of high quality coffees. The single origin coffee, from its processing method to its distinct flavor profile, upholds centuries of traditions originated and perfected by Ethiopian coffee farmers.

Samra Origins
Exceedingly Rare Ethiopia Wolde Faye Koricha COE #7 (Available May 9, 2023)

Price: $65

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“Ethiopian culture is an important part of my identity, and I’m proud to work alongside the Blue Bottle Coffee team to shine a light on Ethiopian traditions, values, and of course, coffee,” said The Weeknd. “Growing up, I watched my mother perform Buna Tetu, a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony. This sensory experience helped shape my understanding of community and taught me to always honor my roots. Samra Origins is a true passion project that I hope will inspire curiosity and encourage support for Ethiopia’s people, while also spreading the warmth and friendship so ingrained in Ethiopian culture.” 

Later this summer, a second release will drop that features a Samra Origins blend. Both The Weeknd and his mother tasted each variation and carefully selected the offering most similar to the coffee his mother brews at home. From there, Blue Bottle carefully worked with the singer to fine tune the blend.

In addition to the launch and as part of The Weeknd’s humanitarian efforts, Blue Bottle will donate to the XO Humanitarian Fund, administered by World Food Program USA. As the son of Ethiopian immigrants, the pop star's strong ties to his family’s heritage ignited his passion about Ethiopia and giving back to communities in need.