"Whatever challenges come my way, I can overcome," Charlotte, NC-based personal trainer Bre Leach shares. It's a mantra that she instills in her clients as they seek to reach and achieve their fitness goals.

Leach's own journey started over 10 years ago. A natural-born athlete from childhood, she decided to pour into her community in hopes of motivating them to get healthier all-around.

"I’ve always been an athlete growing up. As I got older, I took an interest in empowering people—specifically within the Black community, with an aim to prioritize their health. Fitness has been a safe space where I find peace, satisfaction and joy all at once," she says.

Beyond the workouts, she emphasizes that nutrition is just as important. Protein packed snacks and overall clean eating are the way to go. Her favorite go-to, high-protein snacks are: sugar-free Greek yogurt with a teaspoon of honey, mixed with berries and shaved almonds; and caramel rice cakes with a tablespoon of a PB2 powder spread.

But, what does it mean to have total wellness? We asked Leach to share her definition of well-being and the ways she takes care of self beyond just pushing her body in the gym

"Wellness for me allows me to love on myself. It allows me to breathe, to heal, to be calm, and to grow. I choose to take care of myself by practicing healthy habits, daily," she shares. "My habits revolve around walking in my purpose (spiritual wellness), being aware of my actions and my mood (emotional wellness), and eating and moving for better health (physical wellness)."

As you seek to get your self to a state of total wellness, we asked the Charlotte personal trainer to share one of her favorite workouts that require no equipment, and can be done at home. Check it out below.

Bre Leach's At-home Core Concentration Workout

  • Set a timer for 10 minutes, and perform each exercise for 10 reps each. Do as many rounds as possible in the10 minutes.
    • Mountain Climbers (While in the top of a plank position, pull your knees toward your chest. Alternate the motion. It should look and feel like running in place)
      • Lying Leg Raises (Start by laying on your back, flat on the floor or a mat. You can place your hands under your butt to protect your lower back if needed. Raise your legs to a 90-degree angle and return back to the starting flat position. Repeat the motion at a moderate pace.)
        • Sit-Ups
          • Flutter Kicks (Start by laying on your back, flat on the floor or a mat. Raise your feet and ankles about 6-inches off the ground and begin to alternate them in a flutter like kicking motion. One rep equals 2 flutters. (one each leg))