Although the music industry should be held accountable for its part in lowering the standards for quality R&B and rap and allowing subpar artists to become superstars, let’s not forget the co-signers and easily-impressed consumers who give mediocre artists a pass. I remember watching Amateur Night on Showtime at the Apollo and being upset whenever a White artist with average talent received a standing ovation while better or equally talented Black artists garnered a lukewarm response. Just because a White artist can “kinda” rap or sing doesn’t make them special. I’m no fan of Robin, JT, or Macklemore. However, I won’t deny the fact that they are no doubt talented in their own rights. My problem is with the cornballs performing the latest minstrel show who couldn’t care less about their role in the Whitewashing of rap and R&B. Let’s stop allowing generic artists to become stars just because they’re White and can carry a half-ass tune. Novelty acts need to stick to karaoke night at their local bars, not redefine an entire genre.