My latest wine pick is from a winery that has been producing wines since 1626- yes, a winery that is older than the official founding of our country! What other beverage or consumable product has history and pedigree like wine? Aside from tea, you’d be hard pressed to find one…and while tea is indeed lovely, it just isn’t as decadent as vino.

Friends, I encourage you to “Wine Down” with a 2008 Gewürztraminer from Trimbach, a winery in the Alsace region of Eastern France. Alsace wines are heavenly influenced by Germany, so it should not come as a surprise that the same grapes we know and love from the country next door, such as Riesling, are also popular varietals there.

My rationale for selecting this wine was more to satisfy my mood- I needed a wine to take me from the cold, damp doldrums of winter and transport me to a warm, spirited place- say the Caribbean. And this wine would fit right in. A Gewurz (as the name is frequently shortened by wine folks for obvious reason) and this Trimbach, in particular, has that luscious, textured sultry, dare I say savage, notes like lychee, rose, potpourri, caramel, honey… I could go on and on with this wine.

If you typically favor Rieslings or Moscato, consider spicing up your collection with a little Gewurz –especially for winter. This wine has warmth and richness to go head-to-head with Grandma’s Sunday dinner, or a night out with the girls at your favorite Thai or Mexican spot, or even with your boo in front of the fireplace (or TV) with nothing to nibble on except each other! Enjoy!

Jai Jai Ramsey Greenfield is the owner Harlem Vintage, the iconic neightborhood’s first boutique wine shop, and Nectar Wine Bar.  She is proud to offer one of the largest selections of Black and ethnic-owned wines in the country. Greenfield also shares her passion for wine in an introductory tasting course at the City University of New York.  For more wine tips, visit the official Harlem Vintage site and Jai Jai’s personal blog.