The Wire was one of the grittiest television series to hit in 2002.

It was real, raw and told from the perspective of the drug dealers and law enforcement in the streets of Baltimore.

The HBO series, which premiered for five seasons and spawned talent such as
Idris Elba, Mack Wilds, Michael B. Jordan and Michael K. Williams, to name a few, is now the course focus at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

Appropriately titled, Crime, Law and Society in The Wire, the university’s website describes the course as follows:

“This course will use The Wire as a text to study many of the most important and intractable problems in the criminal justice system in America today, including drug enforcement, race, confessions, police manipulation of crime statistics, mass incarceration, use of force, gender, criminal organizations, gun violence, and honesty and accountability in law enforcement.”

And the assignment expectation is creative. Taught by David A. Harris, students will watch the first two seasons of The Wire and lead group discussions on the episodes and topics assigned. In addition, two papers centered on the issues presented in the series are required.

Check out the full course details, here.

Crime, Law and Society in The Wire, joins a list of pop cultural courses presented at colleges and universities. Earlier this year, it was announced that hip-hop group Outkast would serve as the inspiration for a course at Armstrong State University in Savannah, Ga.

Uh-huh…yeah, yeah!