HBO's "The Wire" is widely considered to be one of the best series to ever air on TV. In a recent interview with Salon, ("The Wire" creator) David Simon reveals that "Wire" fans would have been able to get another fix, but in the form of a different drug, yet HBO passed on the idea of a spin-off series.

Called "The Hall," the would-be follow-up to the adventures of Marlo, Avon, and Omar would have focused on the political career of the fictional Baltimore mayor Tommy Carcetti. Simon tells Salon, "Watching Carcetti even more intimately than we were able to portray him within the show would have been an incredible thing to watch. Watching that guy maneuver toward the governorship and maybe beyond. That would have been an incredible journey through what politics actually is. Not 'Father Knows Best' politics, but actual politics. I reached out to some of the better political writers, and they were like, 'Yeah, if you can get that, I'm on.' I was already constructing a writing staff.