This pride month we caught up with Theophilio founder and designer Edvin Thompson and asked him what Pride month means to him. The Jamaican born designer is a proud gay Black man. Having won the hearts of so many in the fashion industry over the past few years, Thompson is at the forefront of the emerging designer brigade. One look at his personal Instagram account and you'll see the epitome of gay Black love between him and his partner, Dojuan Hines.

Here, Thompson shared his thoughts on what it means to be a queer Black person as well as offers advice for the next gen of LGBTQ+ designers. 

EBONY: It’s Pride month. What does that mean to you as a Black queer person? 

Edvin Thompson: Being Black and gay has influenced me to show up as my authentic self in my everyday life and in the work that I do. I have found my second home within the Black queer community here in New York and it means the world to me that it is such a strong support system. I take pride in knowing that we are stronger together as a unit living unapologetically.

As a Black queer designer, how do you overcome the double adversity? 

I overcome the double adversity by including diverse individuals in the stories I share often through my collections and designs. It is important that my work reflects the Black queer community and individuals can see people on my team and see people wearing my designs that look just like them. The power of community and uplifting one another is one of the strongest tools any of us have for fighting the adversity we face, not only in our careers but in everyday life.

What message do you have for up-and-coming Black queer designers out there? 

The message I have for upcoming Black queer designers is to remain authentic in their storytelling. It can be incredibly easy to get sucked into mainstream trends, whether that be in fashion or on social media. However, staying true to the story you want to share with the world will ultimately get you further than any trend.