Jamaican-American designer Edvin Thompson is one of fashion's young heavy hitters. As the creative mind behind the popular brand, Theophilio, he's found a way to merge his island roots and culture into dope pieces and collections that are being worn by the who's who of the world.

But, Thompson's creative eye spans beyond threads and fabrics. He was recently tapped by Ecco Domani, the #1 Pinot Grigio by volume, to design a limited-edition wine label for part of the wine brand's Designer Collection. The Theophilio founder curated the 2023 design that embodies the Ecco Domani's ethos to "celebrate the everyday'' which aligns with his own mission to be his most authentic everyday self. The label he created proudly displays his heritage and the Jamaican national colors of green, yellow and black.

"I'm genuinely excited about this partnership, which is something very different for us. I always think of Theophilio as the brainchild and pillar for me to tap into different industries and unite communities," says Thompson.

Image: Jacob Consenstein.

A self-described wine connoisseur, Thompson shares that red wine was always his go-to varietal, but being asked to design the label for this Pinot Grigio—a white wine—allowed him to expand his wine palate even further. He describes the varietal as refreshing, and one sure to bring the celebratory vibes this Pride Month, Caribbean-American Heritage Month and beyond.

"I feel very nostalgic drinking Pinot Grigio. It reminds of sitting back and chilling with my friends while having conversations over this wine, my Jamaican upbringing and why I came to New York," shares the designer. "That's the essence of this partnership, and it was such an authentic feeling. White wine is perfect for summer celebrations, especially now that we're in Pride Month and Caribbean-American Heritage Month."