A therapist who was shot by a Miami police officer after attempting to protect an autistic man has filed a lawsuit against the officer who shot him. The Miami Herald reports that Charles Kinsey is accusing North Miami police Officer Jonathan Aledda and other officers of wrongfully arresting him and using excessive force during last month’s incident. Kinsey alleges that Aledda did not help stop the bleeding after the shooting, even after officers determined that he was not a threat.

The federal lawsuit is demanding a jury trial, unspecified monetary damages and any other fees due to the physical, emotional and mental pain experienced as a result of the incident.

“By failing to render aid, Officer Aledda allowed Mr. Kinsey to unnecessarily bleed out on the ground for a significant period of time, which further exasperated Mr. Kinsey’s recovery time for his injuries,” the complaint reads.

Kinsey’s lawsuit also details the sequence of events that led up to him being shot. The behavioral technician was shot at a nearby group home, shortly after a 23-year-old autistic male patient wandered off. He was left shot in the leg, handcuffed and bleeding in the middle of the street, the suit states.

“All officers, including Officer Aledda, were close enough in proximity to hear Mr. Kinsey’s statements, and one officer even announced over the police radio, ‘It’s a toy truck, he’s saying it’s a toy truck,’” the complaint reads.

As of right now, the police union and Aledda’s attorney has not issued a statement in response to the lawsuit.