Adapting a plant-based diet and lifestyle does wonders for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are a multitude of benefits to going vegan. Some of the advantages include better skin, an increase in energy and a general improvement to your physical and mental health.

If you're looking to ditch meat for good or just switch up your at-home menu, follow these Black influencers who make going vegan look easy, fun and delicious.

Todd Anderson


Todd Anderson Vegan Influencer on Instagram
Image: Instagram/@turnipvegan

Todd Anderson was the co-founder of the famous former Spoiled Vegans Cafe. On social media, he curates meat-free recipes that resemble many of our favorite foods such as shrimp, fried chicken sandwiches and savory turnovers. He also has garnered a lot of appeal for his vibrant videos that include fresh fruits and vegetables.

Jazz Duke


Jazz Duke female vegan influencer
Image: Instagram/ @diaryofamadblackvegan

When choosing to go vegetarian or vegan, it can be hard to let go of some of the meat-based dishes that you typically enjoy. Jazz Duke hooks up her followers with alternatives to cultural staples that are both tasty and healthy. Additionally, she provides updates on her own journey in real time.

Will Edmond


Will Edmond black vegan influencer
Image: Instagram/ @willedmond

Will Edmond is a travel host who tries delicious plant-based meals globally. From his experiences, he is able to merge different tastes from the comfort of his own kitchen by using vegan substitutes.

Brooke Brimm


Brooke Brimm a top vegan influencer
Image: courtesy of Vegan Soul Foodie

A recipe developer, author and travel enthusiast, Brooke Brimm offers up tasty vegan soul food dishes to include in one's weekly rotation. She has hacks for adding plant-based meals to any diet plan at any time of the day.

Lloyd Rose


LLoyd Rose a top black vegan influencer
Image: Instagram/ @plantcrazii

Chef Lloyd Rose understands the challenge of switching to a vegan lifestyle. Because of this, he develops recipes simple enough for novices or advance cooks.