Small Business Month is an exemplary opportunity for shining a much needed light on businesses that are doing great things on a daily basis and could benefit from extra amplification. Social media has become a necessary conduit for allowing these businesses to reach bigger audiences and expand their sales potential. On Instagram, especially, the marketplace for entrepreneurs has grown, making it easier for small entrepreneurs to thrive and maximize their resources. With the push for more people to shop with Black-owned businesses, social media is a great platform to bring proper visibility to them.

Support Small Black Business Month by tapping into these Black-owned brands and checking out other small businesses in your area.


Based in New York, Filosophy is a Black-and-AAPI-owned business that specializes in handmade fine jewelry featuring beautiful pieces accentuated with black pearls or unisex cuban link chains Supporting the brand means you can feel good about knowing where your accessories are truly sourced from. The brand recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to increase their scaling potential and visibility.

Essential Cuban (3mm) 20 inch

Price: $60

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Subtle Home & Co

Founded by Keirra Webster, Subtle Home & Co. was birthed through her passion for candle making. Her Oklahoma-based brand encourages aromatherapy as a method of relaxation and self care.

suede smoke
Subtle Home & Co


CxffeeBlack is a Memphis-based coffee brand that seeks to restore the African diaspora's connection with its origins to coffee. The brand's founders Bartholomew Jones and Renata Henderson use Black history and culture to make the coffee drinking experience enjoyable and educational. They also worked to release a documentary last year about the movement they've curated.

Guji Mane

Nappy Head Club

Tired of seeing the misrepresentation of Blackness across mediums that utilize our imagery, sisters Rachel Topping and Rikki-Richelle launched Nappy Head Club. Not only do they sell fly shirts, satin scarves, hats and quilts with messages of Black pride, they make a conscious effort to contribute to the community through intentional dialogue and donating to organizations such as the National Black Women's Justice Institute, the National Black Child Development Institute, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, the National Bail Project, the Loveland Foundation, 100 Black Men of America Foundation and many more.

Nappy Head Club

Marshmallow of the Month Club

Marshmallows have become more than the traditional white pillows of goodness we know them for. Marshmallow of the Month Club creates a unique assortment of marshmallows ranging from raspberry lime prosecco to peppermint matcha. The brand's founder Saidah Farrell also handcrafts delicious graham crackers in case you want to go for the classic s'mores treat.

marshmallow of the month club
Marshmallow of the Month Club
Raspberry Lime Prosecco Artisan Marshmallows

Price: $12

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Wear Brims

Longtie pals and members of Alpha Phi Alpha Archie Clay III and Tajh Crutch believe in the power of confidence in hats. Their collection offers a sleek selection of fedoras that can complete any outfit.

wear brims
Wear Brims
Crown Blanco Vol.2

Price: $265

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