You’ve most likely heard the benefits of adding a daily probiotic to your diet, but do you really need to take another pill? For starters it depends on your lifestyle. Factors like age, antibiotics, alcohol, stress and smoking can all wreak havoc on your digestive health, reducing the number of good bacteria in your gut microbiome. Probiotics, which are a variety of “good” bacteria and microorganisms, can rebalance the bacteria, improve digestion, and leave your immune system stronger when consumed regularly. 

A study by Harvard Medical School details that probiotics can serve as a powerful tool to boost your ability to fight disease. “A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that you can treat and even prevent some illnesses with foods and supplements containing certain kinds of live bacteria.” Research also shows that they can reduce chronic inflammation which can lead to “cardiovascular disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and other conditions” if left untreated. Probiotics fight chronic inflammation, reducing your risk for all of these ailments.

Adding the “good” gut-dwelling bacteria to your diet can also offer relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) discomfort by reducing gas, bloat, constipation, and diarrhea, leading to a flatter stomach and weight loss. It helps support the vaginal microbiome as well. Women can also use probiotics to clear up vaginal and urinary tract infections. 

If your doctor approves adding a daily probiotic to your diet, we’ve listed a number of tested supplements, foods, and beverages that will give your tummy relief and keep you healthy.

Image: courtesy of Ritual

Ritual Synbiotic Probiotic blend $50,

To support stomach sensitivities, this 3-in-1 supplement is vegan, gluten and allergen free and contains a blend of clinically-studied prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotic to support a balanced gut microbiome. The delayed-released capsule is designed to reach the colon, an ideal place for probiotics to survive and grow. 

Image: courtesy of Drink Poppi

Drink Poppi Sparkling Prebiotic Soda $30,

This tasty carbonated beverage is loaded with prebiotic powerhouse apple cider vinegar, rich in polyphenols and prebiotics from pectin, that can provide solace from chronic health issues. Use the fruity, light taste to encourage your kids to ditch super high-sugary sodas. 

Image: courtesy of Love Wellness

Love Wellness Good Girl Probiotics $18,

This shelf-stable vaginal probiotic is made with 8 strains (most probiotics only contain 1) of good bacteria to support vaginal health and the vaginal microbiome. The unique formula maintains a balanced vaginal pH, healthy levels of vaginal yeast and bacteria, and supports reproductive health organs, the gut, and the immune system.

Image: courtesy of Clevr Blends

Clevr Blends Coffee SuperLatte $28,

This creamy drink contains all the joys and energy boost of your favorite oat-milk latte, without the jitters and crash—upgraded with adaptogens, mushrooms and probiotics to help ease stress and sharpen focus. Sip anytime you need elevated energy without the comedown.

Image: courtesy of Seed

Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic $50,

In collaboration with leading scientists and research partners from around the world, this research-backed probiotic supports gastrointestinal, dermatological, Cardiovascular health, and more. The prebiotic outer capsule contains punicalagins concentrated from Indian pomegranate—biotransformed by gut microbes into powerful metabolites for human health.

Image: courtesy of Saraka Rx

Sakara Rx Complete Probiotic Formula $46,

Filled with 11 probiotic strains, digestive enzymes, systemic enzymes, and prebiotic fiber, this daily supplement supports digestion, eases bloating, supports immunity, supports skin, and boosts energy. 

Image: courtesy of BelliWelli

BelliWelli Snackbar $27 for 8 pack,

Meant as a snack option for those with a sensitive gut, this low-fodmap bar is packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients including real probiotics. With decadent flavors like cinnamon swirl, white chocolate and strawberry shortcake, you’ll forget the bar is filled with nutrients to boost gut health. 

Image: courtesy of Hum

Hum Gut Instinct Probiotic $26,

This vegan probiotic blend contains 10 strains for a balanced gut microbiome and healthy digestion including Lactobacillus bacteria to boost immunity. 

Image: courtesy of Athena Club

Athena Club Daily Probiotic $28,

To ensure a hearty dose of probiotics in your regular diet, this holistic wellness brand created a daily probiotic to support immunity, gut, vaginal health, and more. Incorporating four of the best, most clinically studied probiotic strains, each capsule is packed with all the daily necessary strains and live cultures to optimize bacterial health.