From tech-forward doorbells, to smart lights and speakers, the amount of tech-forward devices on the market seems like a never-ending stream of new products that promise to improve our lives. While it may seem cumbersome to constantly keep up with constant product upgrades, some of the newer devices are truly innovative and actually worth the hype, as they can ultimately save you time and money in the long run. 

The key to avoiding product fatigue to buy is to exclusively invest in products that target the areas of your home that take the most time and energy to maintain. Ask yourself if the device will increase efficiency and reduce your overall stress levels versus just look cool in the space. If it does solve some sort of problem, it's worth looking into. Remember, there is no harm in taking the ‘easy’ way out, especially if it lessens the load on a schedule crammed with work, childcare, and personal obligation. If the device allows you to allocate more time to relaxation, sleep, and spending time with your family, it most likely worth the splurge.

We’ve outlined the newest and sleekest game-changing products below, designed to provide high-performance solutions to enhance your everyday life and streamline your home. 

Image: courtesy of Pentair Rocean

Pentair Rocean The Reservoir Water Filter $249,

This design-forward, countertop water filter that provides consumers with cleaner tap water at the touch of a button and easily fits in your fridge. Powered by InstaClean™ Technology and certified to reduce 76 contaminants, Pentair Rocean aims to provide a sustainable alternative to bottled water while also giving your countertop a cleaner, sleeker look. Each filter lasts a whopping 390 gallons and reduces 76 contaminants thanks to a long-lasting filter that is made from plant based coconut husks. The simplicity of the device also serves as motivation for anyone looking for new ways to increase their water intake and reach their health goals. 

Image: courtesy of Black+Decker

Black+Decker Multipurpose Steam Cleaning System $100,

The cleaning system is designed to provide an all-around clean on sealed floors, shower doors and a variety of other surfaces without using any chemicals. Within 30 seconds, the corded steam cleaner heats up to kill up to 99.9% of germs while removing dirt and grime. Its versatile design quickly converts from a mop to a handheld cleaner with the push of a button for top-to-bottom cleaning. Built for easy operation, various attachments can be used in tandem with the handheld unit to help you efficiently finish chores that require specific cleaning needs. If you’re targeting hard-to-reach areas, the small mop head is engineered to pivot for high-quality cleaning of countertops and bathroom walls. 

Image: courtesy of Happi

Happi My Happi Air Purifier $149,

The team behind Happi spent thousands of hours researching, developing, and testing our methodology in order to make the most affordable, high-quality, true HEPA air purifier out there to provide cleaner air, less allergies, reduced odors, and better sleep. The device is your go-to for compact air purification due to its 5-layer filtration technology helps capture airborne particles, allergens, and pollutants larger than 0.03 microns. Simply plug it in and forget about it as it goes into auto mode to efficiently fight microscopic pollutants independently, even smoke and smells from the kitchen. The four-color, LED Smart display tracks air quality index score of your space in real-time, automatically adjusting the fan power to ensure your air is always clean. The machine has automatically filter replacement alerts so you never run out. There’s even a night mode that offers the most silent, energy-reducing clean. 

Image: courtesy of Oura

Oura Alta Towel $119,

While these appear to be ordinary towels, they are probably the most technologically advanced towel you will ever use. The Alta was created to solve the musty smell, and rampant bacteria and mold that builds on towels over time. Although you can’t see this pesky bacterium, the two love to grow on moist, damp fibers and can be easily seen under a microscope. That's why Alta was engineered with unique technologies to kill microbes before they get a chance to grow. The Alta is made with 100% long-staple cotton sonically infused with copper, a natural antibacterial, meaning it's hypoallergenic and ultra-plush for those with even the most sensitive skin—keeping you and your towel clean and fresh after every shower.

Image: courtesy of Pure

Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser $44,

The Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser empowers you to personalize every detail of your home fragrance experience —all from your phone. Simply plug in, download the app to program, and let premium, clean fragrance instantly elevate your atmosphere and enhance your every mood. The diffuser uses low heat diffusion and a proprietary solvent to disperse ultra-tiny droplets of fragrance into the air. It even holds two different fragrances as a time so you can switch between the two depending on time of day or the vibe you want set with one easy tap. It even doubles as a nightlight for kids at bedtime. 

Wemo WiFi Smart Plug $25,

This smart plug allows you to control your home from anywhere, giving access to your electronic devices right from your phone or tablet when you’re on-the-go. The Smart Plug uses your existing home WiFi network to provide wireless control of lamps, fans, and more—with no subscription or hub required. Simply plug the Smart Plug into an electrical outlet, plug a device into the Smart Plug, and control your device using the free Wemo app or by using your voice with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. 

Image: courtesy of Worx

Worx Landroid M Robot Mower $1,061,

Ready to ditch the laborious task of mowing the lawn and the steep landscaping prices that come with hiring help? Robotic mowers solve the task of trimming the grass without human force and actually save money in the long run. The Landroid M model is the perfect automatic mower for medium to large-sized lawns, up to one-fourth of an acre. It features a self-leveling blade disc, user-friendly interface, washable deck, and low noise. Thanks to the mower’s Bluetooth connectivity, you can link it to your WiFi and control it remotely from the comfort of your air-conditioned home. Your required effort is minimal, as the mower enables ‘intelligent navigation’ as it mows your lawn, automatically steering each time it reaches a border. If your terrain is bumpy or uneven, the mower contains a patented AIA (Artificial Intelligence Algorithm) cutting technology ensures it can pass through narrow paths with ease and ultrasonic detection to recognize obstacles and avoid getting stuck. 

Image: courtesy of Traeger

Traeger Century 885 Costco Pellet Grill $1,349,

This outdoor grill takes on the role of a virtual sous-chef using patented WiFIRE® technology and 6 cooking options so you craft wood-fired meals like a master. The WiFIRE® technology allows you to command the grill with the Traeger App or your smart home device so you can cook remotely. You can also use the digital meat probe to precisely monitor the food’s readiness, and Direct Drive heat technology that gets the grill hotter faster for incomparable convenience. Using the grill’s massive cooking space and 175 pound capacity, you could grill 10 chickens, 7 rib racks, and 9 pork butts simultaneously on different modes that let you grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise and BBQ all on one grill.