For centuries Black women have displayed our abilities as miracle workers when it comes to healing the mind, and body. Generations of people were nursed and reared by Black women, some who served out of obligation, others by choices and still there are those whose purpose is to heal. Our ability to assess, adapt and overcome in any situation is unmatched, providing context for true #blackgirlmagic exists . In the 21st century, sisters are doing divine work, bringing healing tools into our communities that are waking up spirits and providing holistic healing.  Thanks to their great strides and increasing influence, our culture benefits from their gifts of empowerment and sacred knowledge.  Check out these five modern day healers and connect with them on your journey of enlightenment and wellness.

Chef Ahki @ChefAhki

“You’re not depressed, you’re malnourished” is a phrase coined by celebrity chef and natural food activist Chef Ahki. Through her down-to-earth, stylish content laced with real-time relevant science and hip hop,  Ahki has become a voice for women in leading the charge for healthy living.  She believes bodies are electric and need electric foods to maintain optimum health, and her grace and fierceness set her apart from most of the “vegan heads” of our time.  Through her books, daily recipes and online community, Ahki shares her wealth of knowledge of indigenous plants and healing herbs with mothers and daughters globally.  She is widely known for her fibroid elimination cookbook, and has assisted in healing the wombs of thousands of black women within the diaspora. Website:

Queen Afua @queenafua 

Author, wellness coach and holistic health practitioner Queen Afua is a modern day healer who has dedicated her life to fighting disease.  She is an honorary mother to many, with more than 40 years of experience in shifting lifestyles towards healthy, holistic living. Her teachings are rooted in understanding how to utilize the power of food, self-care and healthy, holistic choices to live empowered existences. She is the founder of the Sacred Woman Rites of Passage program and the CEO of the Queen Afua Wellness Center. Through her work Afua has touched more one million women, men and children throughout North America, Africa and Europe, and is considered a treasure to the African Diaspora. Website:


Jessamyn Stanley @mynameisjessamyn

Self-identified as a “fat black queer woman”,  Jessamyn Stanley is breaking down stigmas and facilitating healing with her fusion of yoga and cannabis.  Her journey began in 2012 when she decided to document her journey with yoga at home after feeling uncomfortable in public classes led by skinny cis white women. Stanley’s journey led her to create, an online community and app for everyone who feels overlooked and underserved by the wellness community.  Through her work as a certified yogi, Jessamyn has empowered millions of people around the world to embrace wellness just as they are.  She is the host of the podcast Dear Jessamyn and cofounder of the southern cannabis justice organization We Go High, an organization dedicated to the decriminalization of cannabis in the state of North Carolina.

The Trap Witch

The Trap Witch @thetrapwitch

Tatiana Skroskis,  a.k.a. THE TRAP WITCH, is a Transformative power coach whose raw style and spiritual connection triggers change. Dubbed as “the Cardi B of Consciousness” by her friends, Skroskis approaches spirituality with a real-world, “grab life by the balls” perspective providing realism in her coaching over the perfectionism that is often presented in the spiritual world. The Trap Witch is a spiritual practitioner of the Lucumi tradition and uses intuitive healing and divination tools to provide guidance to clients in solving their own problems. Tatiana is a proud W.I.T.C.H (woman in total control of herself) and encourages women to consciously use their inner magic effectively.  Website: