It’s a pretty safe bet that 2015 was the year notable personalities didn’t bite their tongues when they got dissed. Celebrities took to social media to make their feelings known when shade was thrown their way, but even the Commander-in-Chief got a little snarky as well. So we’ve captured some of the best clapback moments of the year for you to look through.

10. Spike Lee vs Chance the Rapper (and Chicago?)

CHI-RAQ Trailer from 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks on Vimeo.


Rhymefest says Spike owes Chicago an apology and needs his ‘hood pass’ revoked:

Chance the Rapper’s Tweets:

9. Nicki Minaj vs Taylor Swift

The MTV Video Music Award nominations were announced and Taylor Swift happily tweets:


But rapper Nicki Minaj throws a flag on the play and accuses MTV of discrimination:



Taylor swiftly claps back at Nicki:


Still, Nicki is confused by Taylor’s response:


Taylor tries to smooth it out by inviting Nicki on stage:

Needing to aim somewhere, Nicki calls out the media for misconstruing her tweets:


Taylor is silent for an entire day and a half until she finally tweets this apology:


Nicki accepts:


and gives her mad respect:


8. Barack Obama vs Heckler

Mr. President had to check someone for interrupting one of his speeches:

He says “I’m fine with a few hecklers, but not up in the House…” Let ‘em know POTUS, let ‘em know.


7. Wale vs Kendrick Lamar

Wale’s fans weren’t happy about him not receiving the rap album category nomination for the Grammys, so he takes a shot at someone who was nominated, Kendrick Lamar:


Jay Rock from Kendrick’s TDE label quickly responds:


Fan says they should tour together, but Wale feels some shade:


6. Erykah Badu vs Azealia Banks

Erykah’s response to fan:


Azealia Banks’ responses:



Erykah’s responds:

Azealia comes back:


Then a fan catches Erykah’s location, Azealia is still in clapback mode:


Erykah claps back AGAIN with this meme:


5. Erykah Badu vs Iggy Azalea

Erykah’s Diss at the Soul Train Awards:


Iggy’s Tweet:


Erykah’s apology:


4. Ginuwine vs Tyrese

We all remember this not-so flattering performance by TGT in 2013:

Tyrese apparently has had enough and goes on instagram to announce the break up of TGT:


Ginuwine thinks it could’ve been handled differently:


Meanwhile, Tank says he’s better off by himself:


3. Barack Obama’s Speech at the G20 Turkey Leaders Summit

The President wasn’t having it when it comes to people talking about his staff:


2. Meek Mill vs Drake

In a random rant, Meek Mill decides to do a little bit of name-dropping:


Drake is silent for 4 days. Then he releases this:

Charged Up


Meek Mill wasn’t impressed:

Drake obviously couldn’t wait for Meek Mill to respond with his rhymes, so he drops this bomb:


And gets a Grammy nomination for his efforts.


1. Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address

We can honestly say that the President kicked off this year of clapbacks when he said this: