OWN’s third and final original holiday movie, Baking Christmas, airs this Friday, November 29. It tells the sweet tale of Patty (Aloma Wright), the founder of the town’s most popular and successful bakery, who announces her plan to retire. Patty and her husband, Phillip (Tim Reid), have three children--Jennifer (Khalilah Joi), Angela (Leigh-Ann Rose) and Anthony (Arnell Powell)--each of whom is qualified and eager to run the enterprise, but each also has his or her own ideas for writing the bakery’s next chapter. There is only one way to ensure the business ends up in the right hands: a Christmas cake bakeoff. The gloves come off, and the frosting flies as the siblings vie for control of the bakery in an unforgettable competition to create the best-ever Christmas confection. 

Third OWN Holiday Film, 'Baking Christmas,' Premieres This Week
Baking Christmas/Courtesy of OWN

Baking Christmas also stars Yohance Myles from OWN’s Ambitions. Watch an exclusive clip below: 

Baking Christmas: The Oven Breaks Down | OWN for the Holidays | Oprah Winfrey Network

Don’t miss the premiere of Baking Christmas Friday, November 29, at 9 p.m.ET/PT on OWN.