In a 2019 North American Camping Report, the beloved outdoor recreational activity appeared to be on the rise. And surprisingly for some, those driving the upward trend weren’t white. Instead, they were millennials from non-white groups. 

Since the report began collecting demographics on camping, the percentage of non-white camping households has seen a considerable increase, and the percentage of new non-white campers has even outpaced the percentage of new Caucasian campers. On Tuesday, Tentrr, a New York based activity organizer announced its latest partnership with Black Folks Camp Too, a company whose mission is to “remove generational fear, add knowledge, and invite more folks of any background to camp and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with any and everyone.” Together Tentrr and Black Folks Camp Too are hoping to promote unity in the outdoors going into the camping season.

“We created Black Folks Camp Too not only to inspire more Black folks to camp and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, but to bring awareness to the reasons why “more” Black folks have not been participating in the outdoor lifestyle” says Earl B. Hunter Jr., founder of Black Folks Camp Too. “We encourage everyone to gather around the campfire because the campfire is the portal to amazing conversations. Once we’re there and stoking blaze, we’ll all find out we have more similarities than differences. We are changing the world …one campfire at a time.” 

Tentrr, is the leader in ready-to-go camping accommodations. Just think of it as an Airbnb for the camping world. With over a thousand fully-equipped campsites across the U.S., it’s a go-to for those who enjoy exploring the great outdoors. The partnership with Black Folks Camp Too is a push for greater diversity among those who enjoy the activity while also promoting unity among those who share a common love for camping. 

The Unity Blaze, a symbol for Black Folks Camp Too, means to treat everyone, everywhere, equally. “Your race, age or gender does not matter,” says a statement provided to EBONY. “The powerful symbol represents the warmth and comfort provided at the campsite and by the host, with a fire blaze being internationally recognized as a beacon of navigation and connection.” 

Tentrr will incorporate the use of the Unity Blaze at all Tentrr sites across the country to make the sites more welcoming to all people. When campers see the Unity Blaze displayed, it notifies them that their Tentrr host is visibly and intentionally making the statement that they ‘treat everyone, everywhere equally.’

"The Unity Blaze is an invitation. We're inviting everyone to come and have an experience in the outdoors that’s more inviting, fun and comfortable,” says Todd King, VP of Marketing and Communications at Tentrr. “It's so important that we all continue to learn about each other's personal relationship with nature."