The cover may not be the cutest, but Kerry Washington still opened up a little bit to Lucky magazine. On her wedding ring, the Scandal star said, “I never wanted to have a ring that I would feel uncomfortable riding the subway with. My wedding band and engagement ring are the only things I can say that I wear every day, I pin them to my clothing on set. That way, I always have them with me.” [The YBF]

Little North West may have a brother and sister before Kris Jenner can shout “FAMILY SPINOFF!” Kim Kardashian is said to be hoping to get started on creating another little KimYe baby after their wedding, currently scheduled for next summer. A source says Kardashian "wants her kids to be close in age," and Kanye West "wants a huge family." [Us Weekly]

Basketball Wives: LA had a fight on its very first episode, and based on the latest news, you can expect another in the third season. I can already hear the protests. According to reports, Draya Michele got into a fight with new cast member Sundy Carter after Sundy badmouthed Draya’s boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys player Orlando Scandrick.  Apparently, a bunch of the cast members have bashed Draya’s boo and she just got sick of it. [Jocks and Stiletto Jill]

There’s never a dull moment when it comes to K. Michelle. That’s great for me, but likely not so much for her publicist. In the latest episode of “This Week In Memphis Shade,” K. Michelle explains that her ex-boyfriend, J.R. Smith of the New York Knicks, may be the owner of “community penis.”

K. Michelle explains in a recent interview: “I pick up my phone and it’s a girl randomly on my phone asking me about her man [recalling a run-in with J.R. Smith’s alleged new girlfriend, Ashle]. If he’s your man, honey, you don’t have to call and ask me about it, okay? So obviously that’s not your man. He might be community penis, you don’t know. But I’m the wrong person to call, ’cause you’re gonna get a rude awakening on the other end.” [Karen Civil]

And to round up alleged trashy athlete news, Indianapolis Colts star Trent Richardson may have a sex tape heading to a Twitter timeline near you. [TMZ]

Akon recently explained the virutues of polygamy. In his mind, it would much for a much happier United States of America. God bless America and gag reflexes.

According to Akon: “If America adopted that [polygamy] culture there would be less domestic disputes. The average guy in the world has a main girl and they got a side chick. And then they got a jumpoff. At the end of the day as a male we are natural breeders by nature. We can’t even escape it if we wanted to. Let’s say you put 1,000 guys on one corner and one bad chick walk past. You gon’ see 1,000 heads go, ‘Damn.’ They don’t even know why they doing it. They’re natural breeders. It’s in their genes, they can’t help it. Even if you’re walking with your girl and you’re holding her hand and you see a bad chick walk by and she lookin’ at you like, ‘Boy you better not look,’ you gonna wanna look so bad and you don’t even know why that urge is there, but you’re a natural breeder. It’s what we do. Men are put on this earth to breed and the reason why God put multiple women on this earth is for that.” [Necole Bitchie]
Someone else offering relationship advice? Meagan Good. She along with her husband, DeVon Franklin, are going to pen a relationship book tied around their own road to matrimony – including celibacy. This is less fun than Akon’s advice, but you know, helpful all the same to some. [Concrete Loop]

I’ll be waiting for Ghostface Killah to secure my celebrity spoon-fed brand of relationship advice. The rapper – whose audiobook for The World According to Pretty Toney remains the best thing ever – will be appearing on Couples Therapy. Damn you, VH1. You refuse to let me quit you. Not that I’ve ever really tried, though. [VH1]

Singer, attention whore and bad dancer Miley Cyrus was said to have had a recent run in with Lamar Odom. So what did she do? She allegedly "invited him to come smoke and hang out with her.” Yes, because you want to invite an accused drug addict to do drugs. The source says Lamar, who is on the road to recovery, “didn’t want to be next to Miley and for rumors to fly.” I wouldn’t want to be around her either, but for different reasons. [Life & Style]

Trinidad Jame$, the Krusty to Miley’s Bozo, recently declared to an NYC crowd, “I remember when New York rap was the shit. Now, we run y’all…Every n*gga that’s really poppin’ out of New York, he might as well tell you he’s from Atlanta.” If it were 2007, or hell, 2011 depending on the quarter, maybe I’d understand why NYC folks would get riled up by this. But you know, it’s not, plus, why would you take Trinidad seriously on anything, much less about hip hop? [Smoking Section]

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