First up: shade from NeNe Leakes. When asked about the alleged fight between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore at The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion taping and whether Porsha should be kicked off the show, NeNe made it clear if there was anyone who needed to go, it ought to be Kenya. That is, Kenya and her “fake booty” that “she needs to get fixed.” And she made a lot of those strange faces she makes in her confessionals. For effect, I guess.


Two fans trampled at a recent Beyoncé concert are suing the most high, plus Live Nation and United Center, alleging that the venue did not nothing to prevent or discourage the crowd waiting for general admission ticket entrance from rushing, pushing and running towards The United Center once the gate opened. “To the contrary, The United Center encouraged it by the set up which it created and controlled,” the suit claims. I don’t really support suing Beyoncé, but I’m sorry y’all got ran down. God bless. [Chicago Sun-Times]

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For those of us who still sing “Come Back To Me” and select works from Diary of A Mad Band regularly, I’m happy to announce Devante Swing has not completely fallen into the abyss. I’d rather he be hanging out with Pharrell, Timbaland, Details or Danja, but hey, at least the man is keeping his head above water, making a way when he can.

So although Single Ladies abruptly ended its run after VH1 decided to cancel the “romantic comedy series,” it looks as if there still may be hope for the shows fans. Producers are reportedly sending out feelers to other networks to see if there’s any interest in acquiring the show – particularly BET. Please do it, I really need to know if Kisha and Malcolm end up back together again. They were the hood’s Big and Carrie. Kidding, don’t stab me. For real, though, I want more Denise Vasi on TV. [Always A List]

Stevie J still owes $1.28 million in back child support and the mother is not playing about finally collecting. Project Child Support is helping Carol Bennett and has subpoenaed numerous people and companies connected to the producer turned reality star trying to figure out exactly how much money he’s pulling – including Joseline Hernandez, VH1, Viacom, Benzino, and Mona Scott-Young. [Radar]

Speaking of Benzino, his nephew who shot him at Benzino’s mama’s funeral is speaking out and claiming he shot his uncle in self-defense. According to a police report filed, Gai Scott says, “I shot at him; I was in fear for my wife and a baby. He’s been threatening my life.” State Trooper Robert M. Klimas also noted in the report, “Gai also stated that Raymond [Benzino] had been threatening to kill him for years. I asked Gai why Raymond wanted to harm him, and Gai stated that it stemmed from animosity and jealousy.” This is why I don’t deal with family that often. [Boston Globe]

Nick Cannon doesn’t want a television network. That’s surprising because he’s done everything else before finding his first gray hair. But when asked about the prospect, Nick explained his rationale: “Interestingly enough, I’m coming out with my own tablet and on that tablet I have my own network, it’s an incredible network. So while everyone else is focusing on having a television network, been there, done that. I’m going to the screen that this generation is focused on. We’re doing a lot of digital content and creating it for the NCredible tablet so it’s about to be really cool.” [The Jasmine Brand]

Tiny and Shekinah are officially the hood’s Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton. In a recent interview, Tiny revealed: “We haven’t named it but it’s a Tiny and Shekinah show and it’s kinda gonna be like, this idea I had to be like ‘The Simple Life’ like Nicole [Richie] and Paris [Hilton]. So it’s going to be our version of that. It’s going to be really funny. We’re going to go on adventures and do a lot of the things that we haven’t done, and it’s gonna be really hilarious — just some of the ideas of things I want to do I just know are gonna be [fun]. We’re gonna start shooting at the end of April. I’m just trying to up my stock.” [Madame Noire]
For those of you hoping for a Nelly and Ashanti romantic reunion – complete with really bad collaborations that only make you appreciate Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s chemistry more – I’m afraid all signs point to “nah, son.” You know that hashtag #WCW, which people use as a means to kiss up to other people (and dually bring attention to themselves), Nelly made his recent women crush Wednesday honoree his ex-girlfriend, actress Tae Heckard.” He also captioned it, “And what.” Well okay. [Instagram]

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Future landed an AT&T commercial, but for some reason it never aired. What a pity ‘cause this is adorable and stuff. Also, that’s exactly how I dance and sing Future songs. The chirren know, y’all. Hat tip to Karen Civil for unlocking the footage.

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