This weekend Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake will bring their joint tour to NYC, but could music fans be treated to a joint tour between Mr. and Mrs. Carter? Following the Yahoo! Wireless Festival in London, Jay-Z told Radio 1’s Zane Lowe about touring with Beyoncé: “It’s always floating out there, it’s floating out there. It has to be the real thing and it’s slowly making sense, more sense every day, every day it’s making more sense – as far as a tour, not an album.” Let me start putting money away now. I’m sure the Double Carter tour will cost at least $300, a cup full of plasma and a promise that future generations will buy Blue Ivy Carter’s first two albums. [The Mirror]

Everybody still hates Chris Brown. Well, in parts of Canada anyway. After two sponsors dropped support for the Energy Rush Music Festival in Nova Scotia upon learning that young Christopher Maurice was added to the bill, two more – Molson Coors Brewing Co., and an esthetics company called Touch of Radiance – have since joined. Now even the Mayor of Halifax has gotten in, telling a local newspaper, “It makes me kind of sick, to be honest with you, that someone like this will be performing in Halifax. Those of us who are in public life – I’m in public life, he’s in public life – you have to be responsible for your past actions, and I think it sends a very, very wrong message to everybody. I’m not keen on the city supporting this in any way.”

The backlash started once an online petition to get Chris Brown dropped from the festival reached more than 100,000 signatures. And if his week wasn’t already kinda funky, his the Los Angeles District Attorney is trying to get his probation revoked. [Rhymes With Snitch]

The Kang of R&B, Bobby Brown, is not happy about his daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, getting engaged to her play brother, Nick Gordon. When asked if he was excited her their pending nuptials, Bobby said, “I’M NOT.” As for when the two will get married, he added, “When he [Nick Gordon] calls me I’ll figure that out…No, there’s no date.” Bobby did add, “I just want her to be happy.” [Cocoa Fab]

Timbaland has revealed in an interview with the Diddy-led Revolt TV that he and Keri Wilson recorded an apology track to Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Tim and Hov fell out before the Blueprint 3 album was released. According to him, on the track “Sorry,” Timbaland apologizes for his role in their rift while Keri says sorry for people perceiving that she’s taken shots at Bey. “Perceived,” huh. I guess. [Revolt TV]

Shay Johnson, also known as “Buckeey” from Flavor of Love and the bitter pill on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, stopped by Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club to basically bash Erica Dixon. According to her, Lil’ Scrappy claims that Erica “messing with a married man and got pregnant by him, that’s we what he said on the reunion.”

She also accused her of being a side piece: “When he was dealing with [rapper] Diamond, she was his side piece, she’s been his side piece for nine years. Erica was his side piece, Diamond was his main girl. He was living with Diamond, he was with her for five years and Erica was always opening those legs for him all the time.”

So I believe Shay as much as I do the Zimmermans are longtime subscribers of EBONY/JET, but I’ll say this: Blame the man at the center of the beef. [The Breakfast Club]

Meanwhile, Lamar Odom’s alleged mistress wants to help Khloe Kardashian. After apologizing for her behavior, she said: “Lamar led me to believe his marriage was just a business arrangement. “I can tell Khloe that I’m not the only woman; there have been many. I just happened to be around the longest. My advice for Khloe would be to get a divorce. If she thinks he’s going to change, she’s mistaken.” You can vomit now. [Radar]

I would like to sign up Nicki Minaj for a Word of the Day email listing and that’s no shade. Speaking with Necole Bitchie, HB said of all the things she’s learned from Mona Scott-Young, stepping up her vocab game is one of them.

Nicki explained: “I‘ve learned it’s important to broaden your vocabulary! I would call her a wordsmith. When I watch her interviews…I personally love to hear people speak and learn new words. I’ve always been the type of person that even when my favorite rapper says something, I’ll Hoogle the word and I love that because it’s a sign of an intelligent person. So that’s one thing I’ve learned, just using different words to explain a product. It’s important to make people visualize the product.”

Nicki’s is both an endorser and investor the Mona Scott-Young backed moscato-line, Myx Fusions. [Necole Bitchie]

Everyone give a handclap for Tina Turner and her new husband. The 73-year-old married her long-time partner, 57-year-old Erwin Bach, in a civil ceremony in Switzerland ahead of a Buddhist celebration. [Reuters]

Tameka Raymond may be heading to reality TV. Apparently VH1 is planning a spinoff of Hollywood Exes based in where else but Atlanta. Among the rumored cast members are Tameka, Cee-Lo’s ex-wife Christina Johnson, and two ex-wives of “popular NFL players.” [Talking With Tami]

I didn’t know this, but Stevie J produced Lil’ Kim’s legendary debut single, “No Time.” Speaking with VLAD TV, the producer turned reality star was asked about Lil’ Kim’s transform from beautiful brown girl to Blasian with Penguin from Batman Returns’ bottom half.

On that, Stevie gave a very diplomatic response: “We can only control ourselves. When we look in that mirror and take a good look at the image, only we can be happy with that. Who’s to say a person can’t do what they wanna do if they got the bread?”

He did, however, advise Kim to get over her feud with Nicki Minaj. You know, given she lost anyway. Stevie added, “I wouldn’t beef. I’d just go ahead and say ‘let’s do this together’ and do something that empowers us all.” Well, will you look at that? He dropped a gem. Who knew? [That Grape Juice]

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